Ahead of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s meeting with British Prime Minister Theresa May, leftist groups held a series of demonstrations against the State of Israel. Pro-Israel activists held parallel demonstrations.

Watch: Netanyahu arrives at 10 Downing Street

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In the background of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Great Britain, demonstrations were held for and against the State of Israel in London. British left wing groups are protesting against Israel in front of 10 Downing Street while pro-Israel activists are planning a parallel demonstration.

May is expected to criticize the widespread Israeli settlement construction during the meeting with Netanyahu.  The British Prime Ministers’ spokesman stressed that settlement construction harms the level of confidence. Meanwhile, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn told Prime Minister Theresa May to make sure that Netanyahu knows “the British government will stand unequivocally behind the rights of the Palestinian people” over settlement building.

Protests ahead of Netanyahu's visit

Protests ahead of Netanyahu’s visit Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Aside from the settlement building, Netanyahu is expected to discuss with May the Iranian issue and imposing stronger sanctions against the country.  “I will discuss with them how to deepen the bilateral diplomatic, security, economic and technical ties including cooperation in the field of cyber,” Netanyahu stated. 

“In the diplomatic sphere, I intend to emphasize the need for a common front against Iran’s defiant aggression which has raised its heads in recent days,” he noted.  “This must be done on an ongoing basis but especially in light of Iran’s defiance against the international order.”

The visit is taking place as Great Britain is looking for partnerships in the post-Brexit era. The Israeli economy is expected to benefit from the new situation in Great Britain alongside the election results in the United States.