Labor Party members found a creative way to mock Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who had to squeeze his way through the crowd to the front row of world leaders at the Paris rally.

Print-screen from the computer game

Print-screen from the computer game Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Two days after grabbing the media’s attention by slowly squeezing his way into the front row of world leaders in the protest march in Paris, a computer version of ‘Netanyahu and the Front Row’ incident was launched, asking participants to “Push Bibi” into the front line.

Behind the game are young Labor Party members who saw Netanyahu’s photo at the march commemorating the victims of the terror attacks in France and decided not to waste any time. Following the criticism Netanyahu received, they created a simple game.  The aim is to get Netanyahu’s figure, which starts at the edge of the screen, through openings in the leaders’ lines into the middle of the front row. 

At the end of the game, under the “GAME OVER” sign, the creators added a message: “When Bibi wins, everybody else loses. We need new leadership that will put Israel in the front line, without shoving.” Even the button which calls participants to replay the game takes a shot at Bibi.  It reads: “Don’t try again.”