While visiting an agricultural equipment factory on Thursday, the incumbent Russian president joked that he would turn to farming if he loses the 2018 presidential election in March. Although he announced his running only in December, Vladimir Putin remains the leading contender to the presidency, with little significant opposition.

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin Photo Credit: Kremlin website/Wikipedia

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he may become a farmer if he were to lose the upcoming election in the country. The president made the comments during a visit at an agricultural equipment factory on Thursday.

In a video broadcast by the Russian state-run RT network, Putin was seen trying out a combine harvester simulator. The president quipped that he would pursue a career as a combine driver if something were to go wrong in the March 18 election. “No problem, no problem at all,” responded the CEO of the factory.  

The Russian president is currently seen as the leading contender in the upcoming election, with little to no opposition. Recent polls suggest that around 70% of Russians will vote for Putin, whom if elected for a fourth term, would be the country’s longest-serving leader since Joseph Stalin.

As previously reported by JOL, outspoken Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny was arrested moments after he arrived at an anti-Putin protest in Moscow on Sunday. In December, the Russian government officially disqualified Navalny for the presidential election. According to reports in Russia, the Russian Central Election Commission voted on the decision, claiming that the candidate who describes himself as a fighter against Moscow’s government corruption “isn’t eligible to run in the election” due to previous convictions.