Three weeks after the Shanghai classification grading Hebrew University as 59th in the world, an official report of the QS Institute was published that only ranked the Hebrew University as 141st, but first in Middle Eastern Studies. After the Hebrew University, the Technion ranks 183 and Tel Aviv University ranks 196. The top ten places ranked, as expected, were educational institutions from the United States and Great Britain.

Where to study in the world?

Where to study in the world? Photo Credit: Reuters

QS Institute, which ranks universities in the world, published today rankings of the top educational institutions in the world for the year 2013-2014.  The rankings of the institute advanced that the Hebrew University is the first in Israel, but only 141st in the world.  It was said that there was a significant gap from the list published three weeks ago by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University that ranked the Hebrew University as 59th in the world.

 The Hebrew University descended one place compared to the report from last year, where it was ranked first place among academic institutions in Middle Eastern Studies.   The Technion in Haifa rose 37 places since the previous report and was ranked 183rd (comparing to 73 in the Shanghai ranking). 

 Tel Aviv University also succeeded to be ranked as one of the top 200 academic institutions, after rising 13 places and being ranked 196.  The university ranked second in Middle Eastern Studies is King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals in Saudi Arabia.

 The head of the ranking didn’t note all of the surprises.  All of the top ten universities were from the United States and Great Britain.  First place for the second year consecutively was MIT, which was ranked fourth by Shanghai.  The prestigious Harvard University was ranked second and Britain’s Cambridge forced its way to third place.

 The University of London was ranked fourth and after that the Empirical College of London (5), Oxford University (6), Stanford in California (7), Yale in Connecticut (8), the University of Chicago (9), and Princeton (10).   Berkeley University, which was ranked third by Shanghai, didn’t succeed to be ranked as one of the top ten universities.

 The rankings can be found at Quacquarelli Symond, which provides consultation to students preparing to study from around the world regarding faculty departments in various geographic areas.