In an Instagram post, R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe wrote that he supports Radiohead’s decision to perform in Israel amid the BDS protests. “Let’s hope a dialogue continues,” he added.

Watch: Radiohead curses at pro-Palestinian activists during concert

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R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe voiced public support on Sunday for Radiohead over the band’s decision to play a concert in Israel. The concert, which is slated for tonight, has come under fire in recent weeks by anti-Israel activists and BDS supporters.

In an Instagram post, Stipe wrote: “I stand with Radiohead and their decision to perform. Let’s hope a dialogue continues, helping to bring the occupation to an end and lead to a peaceful solution.”

Last month, Radiohead’s lead vocalist Thom Yorke spoke out against the BDS efforts to get his group to cancel its Tel Aviv concert. “It’s really upsetting that artists I respect think we are not capable of making a moral decision ourselves after all these years,” he said.

Michael Stipe

Michael Stipe Photo Credit: EPA

A few weeks later, he wrote a tweet directed at award-winning British film director and BDS supporter Ken Loach. In the tweet, he explained that a show in Israel does not signify support for its government’s policy. He added that the band does not support Netanyahu any more than it does US President Donald Trump and just as they still perform in the US, they’ll continue to perform in Israel.