In the Kenyan capital of Nairobi, Rabbi Shmuel Notik and his wife Chaya were tied up and beaten repeatedly by five men.

Reportedly, the 5 men came to rob the Notik’s residence at the Chabad house in Nairobi.  After Rabbi Notik tried to call the police the men assaulted him, threatened his family, and hurled anti-Semitic slurs.

The thieves continued to the bedroom where his wife was sleeping and began to beat her with clubs. The wife escaped any further injury by running to the bathroom with her three children and locking the door behind them until the police arrived.

Before the police arrived the assailants stole money, computers, cell phones, passports, and Jewish sacred objects.

The rabbi was injured mildly in the attack, but his wife had to undergo an operation for her wounds.

“My wife is injured, but she is being treated well – all is well,” Rabbi Nortik said.