Rabbi Eliezer Berland was convicted of indecent assault of two women as part of a plea bargain. Rabbi Berland will serve 18 months in prison of which time he served up to now will be deducted. The complainants’ attorney said, “Orthodox women wouldn’t serve complaints anymore.”


Berland Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

A plea bargain with Rabbi Eliezer Berland was achieved. Berland will be indicted of indecent assault against two women and according to the plea bargain, he will serve 18 months in prison. The Rabbi will admit to lightened charges of which pronounced sexual overtones will be erased after two of the four complainants will be removed.

Seven months will be deducted from the sentence since the indictment includes the time Berland served in South Africa and the time he served in Israel up to the trial. It is expected that a third of his sentence will be cut down for good behavior which leaves Berland with less than a year of prison time.

The complainants’ attorney claims that after this plea bargain, no orthodox women will attempt to complain against sexual offenses anymore.