The largest Jewish Rabbinical school (Yeshiva) in Russia was burned down during a service commemorating the Exodus of Egypt (Seder).

When the fire broke out in Yeshiva “Torat Chaim”, about sixty people consisting of rabbis, students and tourists were sitting around the Seder table. They were quickly evacuated and there were no casualties.

The fire started in a warehouse where all the meat for the festival was being stored. Also, a swastika and the was inscribed on the entrance to the Yeshiva.

Vice-President of the World Zionist Organization Yaakov Hagoel said: The anti-Semitic arsonists do not want to allow Diaspora Jews true freedom. This serious incident at the Torat Chaim yeshiva in Russia’s capital is another red light in the righteous fight in the war against anti-Semitism and terror in Europe.”

“I call on Russia’s President Putin, a true friend of the State of Israel, to help and protect the Jews in his country, so that they are able, specifically, to proudly fulfill the holiday’s commandments, and in general are able to fulfill the other commandments without fear. I support the Jewish community in Moscow and hope they will be able to continue their work faithfully, without fearing such instances. I wish them a happy and kosher Passover holiday,” he said.

Moscow police have opened an investigation but have not yet provided information regarding the case.