Rihanna, the Ramat Gan Safari’s 7.5-year-old rhino, became a mother for the first time about a week ago. According to the safari staff, she is getting used to being a new mother and caring for her young offspring, who was given the name Rami.

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The Ramat Gan Safari’s favorite rhino has given birth for the first time. 7.5-year-old Rihanna came to the Ramat Gan Safari about four years ago from South Africa. About a year and a half ago, she was seen mating with a male rhino named Atari.

A few days before the birth, the rhino caregivers noticed that her mammary glands were filling up and that she was distancing herself from the other rhinos. They immediately understood that the birth of her baby was approaching and decided to give her to quietness she needed. About a week ago, she gave birth early in the morning.

Slowly and carefully, the caregivers encouraged Rihanna and her baby to enter the “maternity hospital,” which is a private open field, where they can be together and Rihanna can get used to being a mother. For now, the mother and her baby are in the open field where the other 12 rhinos can see them and get to know Rihanna’s first offspring. This will allow the rhinos to get used to him so that when the two return to the rhino park, they will accept him.

The new mother and Rami

The new mother and Rami Photo Credit: Shai Ben Naftali/Elad Hershkovitz/Channel 2 News

According to the caregivers, Rihanna is getting used to being a mother and is caring wonderfully for her son. The safari staff decided to call the new rhino Rami. This name was chosen because it shares the same first letter as his mother’s name and in honor of the African species head of the safari for the past three decades, who just celebrated his 60th birthday.

The safari noted that the white rhino is considered an endangered species. 78 zoos are participating in the European plan to preserve this species.29 out of the 301 rhinos located in these zoos were born in the Ramat Gan Safari.