During a battle on the Golan Heights, IDF commander Yossi Ben Hanan needed rescue. The late Yoni Netanyahu was on the rescue team.

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Even 43 years later, the voices on tape during the Yom Kippur War are dramatic and exciting. A small tank unit in the Golan Heights, led by Yossi Ben Hanan, was blocked by Syrian forces. Ben Hanan was injured and an elite army unit prepared to rescue him.

Yoni Netanyahu is heard requesting precise info about their whereabouts. He then explains that he will have to walk more than 2 kilometers to reach him. Ilan Sa’ar, who was an officer in intelligence at the time, tells of the complicated rescue operation.

“We were under incredible pressure to plan how to reach Yossi Ben Hanan by the road and then by foot.” In the end, Yoni Netanyahu’s armed personnel carrier reaches Ben Hanan and the tank’s driver. They transfer them to a waiting helicopter in Israeli territory. Ben Hanan was wounded 4 times.

Yoni Netanyahu received a medal of distinguished service. These tapes revealed difficult moments when Israeli soldiers were not willing to give up.