The parents of Iman Shatawi who was critically injured in the head and subsequently died in 2004, was compensated 180,000 NIS following the body of their son being chewed at before being buried, with this thing not being told to them before the implementation of the funeral. The Court of Justice: “The people of the institute or the one who applies make-up didn’t tell the family.”

The Family Compensated, Archive

The Family Compensated, Archive Photo Credit: Channel 2

The Court in Tel Aviv decided to give today 180,000 NIS in financial compensation to the family of Iman Shatawi, who was killed in 2004 at age 12, following their parents learning at the funeral ceremony that the face of their son was chewed, apparently by rats.  According to the verdict, “The people of the institute or the one who applies make-up didn’t tell the family a thing.”

 According to the court, the body of Shatawi was brought to a refrigerator room at the Institute for Forensic Medicine in Abu Kabir in the middle of the night.  “But it didn’t enter into a deep cold cabin,” the parents of Amin, Mohammed and Halima, charged the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Abu Kabir and during the funeral ceremony, it was revealed that his face was chewed at.  

 Additionally, it is written that the Shatawi couple didn’t know about the damage caused to the body and were not warned before of the difficult site.  “After having the funeral ceremony at the family’s home,” it is written, “they looked for the deceased face and then the damage was revealed to them for the first time.” 

 The Court: the State was Negligent and Caused Damage

 In her decision, Judge Yael Hanagid ruled that “the damage to the body was caused by chewing in the refrigerator room at the Institute” and the fact that “the body arrived at the institute late at night exposed increasingly to danger”—means that both nature and the Institute’s conduct were responsible.  She added that “the state didn’t prove that they took responsible measures to risks and therefore the plaintiffs’ negligence caused the damage.   

 Given these proven facts, the court verdict gave to the parents 150,000 NIS in compensation.  Additionally it was ruled that the state must pay the attorney’s fees and court costs of both parents, which amounts to 33,000 NIS, as well as the costs of all other parties, which totals 10,000 NIS.