Oscar Perez, the rogue police officer who stole a helicopter and attacked government buildings in Caracas, was killed last night by Venezuelan security forces. While RPGs were hitting his home during the siege against him, Perez was able to record a video in which he is seen bruised and bleeding: “They won’t let us surrender.”

Perez during the siege

Perez during the siege Photo Credit: Oscar Perez’s Instagram

After a more than six-month long manhunt, Venezuelan authorities finally located Oscar Perez – the rogue police pilot who stole a helicopter in order to attack government buildings in Caracas this past June and became a hero among the country’s opposition. Perez was also responsible for the December robbery in which numerous weapons were stolen from the Civil Guard Camp.

President Nicolas Maduro ordered to kill Perez, calling him a “fanatic and extreme terrorist.” Perez was finally located by Venezuelan security forces in impoverished neighborhood of El Junquito, hiding in an apartment.

“They’re shooting us with RPGs, grenades, grenade launchers and snipers,” Perez said in the video that he uploaded to his Instagram account. “There are civilians here. We told them that we’re prepared to turn ourselves in, but they won’t let us.”