The Coalition chairman claimed today that according to the current draft of the reconciliation agreement with Turkey, Israel cannot harm Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh. “Not even the Prime Minister can give such an order now,” he claimed. The Coalition chairman also asserted that the former Shin Bet and Mossad heads have all turned into leftists.

Ismail Haniyeh (archives)

Ismail Haniyeh (archives) Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The reconciliation agreement with Turkey contains a condition that prohibits Israel from attempting to assassinate Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza, according to Coalition chairman David Bitan (Likud).

Speaking at a cultural event in Beersheba today (Saturday), Bitan said the following statement regarding Haniyeh: “What is certain is that we can’t do anything to him, he has protection.” Bitan added that even Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “can give such an order now.” Bitan claimed that Turkey’s original condition- the removal of the naval blockade- is not included in the agreement but added that the sides have “reached a different understanding.”

“It’s not that we need to be friends with Erdogan, we aren’t agreeing with anything he is saying but this subject is economically and diplomatically important for us,” Bitan explained. “Thus, we need to make some compromises and so do they.” Tomorrow, representatives from Turkey and Israel will meet in Rome in order to finalize the agreement.

During the event in Beersheba, Bitan weighed in on the phenomenon of former senior level members of the security establishment criticizing the Prime Minister: “Something happens to those who become the head of the Mossad or Shin Bet. Over the years, they become leftists. Something related to the position turns them into leftists.”

Bitan claimed that the late Meir Dagan was an “extreme right-winger” but after he served as the Mossad head, his political affiliation changed. “Except for [Avi] Dichter, all the Shin Bet heads stand together with the left. I believe that this is due to something that happened to them within the framework of the position.”