Israeli Tourism Ministry data heralds a success in its marketing efforts as a significant increase in tourism was recorded in comparison to the past two years. Since the beginning of 2016, there has been a 2% increase and there was a 38% increase in tourism in November.

The pool at an Eilat hotel

The pool at an Eilat hotel Photo Credit: Nerya Bracha/Channel 2 News

Despite concerns that another terror wave may erupt and the shaky security situation, tourism in Israel bodes a new record-breaking success. Since the beginning of 2016, a 2% rise in tourism was recorded when compared to the same period last year. Last month (November), the percentage of tourists reached a new record that Israel has not seen for some time now.

According to Israeli Tourism Ministry data, 287,900 tourists came to Israel in November 2016 representing a 38% increase from last November and a 31% increase from November 2014. Since the start of the year, a cumulative 2,651,400 tourists visited Israel, which is a 2% increase from 2015.

“The intensive marketing efforts which we invested in markets within new countries such as China and India together with campaigns targeted for the winter season brought about a record growth regarding bringing tourists to Israel in November,” Israeli Tourism Minister Yariv Levin said praising the data. “Our goal is to continue targeting campaigns in order to meet the challenge of creating continuous growth in tourist movement.”

Levin added that last month’s revenue alone reached over 1.5 billion NIS, which constitutes a 400 million NIS increase from November 2015 and is nearly equal to the Israeli tourism marketing program’s annual budget.

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