Turkey is up in a rage with the publication of what sounds like Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan ordering his son to get rid of the millions he had in his home. Sources from Erdogan’s office assert that the recording in fake.

Erdogan insists that the recording is fake.

Erdogan insists that the recording is fake. Photo Credit: AP

In the midst of a large corruption investigation into the government over the past few months, today (Tuesday) the recording of a telephone conversation has only further complicated matters for Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government. The heads of the opposition in the Turkish parliament are now calling for Erdogan’s resignation after hearing the recording, in which he seems to instruct his son to get rid of a large sum of cash money that was kept in his home.

The conversation was published on YouTube, while the telephone call itself was recorded, according to those who published it on the site, last December. During the conversation, Erdogan apparently orders his son on how to get rid of the millions of Euros in cash that was kept in his son’s home.

Sources at Erdogan’s office have denied the authenticity of the recording. “The recording is fake and unauthentic”, said the official announcement from the office of the Turkish Prime Minister.

Erdogan as accused the fake recording to be part of his political rival, Fethullah Gulen’s, tactics to overthrow his regime at all costs. “Justice will be served to the person responsible for this shameful forgery”, continued the language of Erdogan’s official announcement.

The publication of the recording comes just as the country deals with cases of secret eavesdropping on important governmental conversations. Last month, the Turkish press reported that eavesdropping machines were found in the home and office of Prime Minister Erdogan, setting off a spree of accusations against political rivals it what may turn out to be the Turkish Watergate.