The Reform and Conservative Judaism movements are stepping up their battle against the government’s latest decisions regarding the Western Wall and the Conversion Law. On Saturday, they will hold a demonstration in front of the Israeli Prime Minister’s residence.

Western Wall

Western Wall Photo credit: Channel 2 News

Following the Israeli government’s controversial decisions last week regarding the Conversion Law, Reform and Conservative Judaism movements are initiating a rally that will be held in front of the Prime Minister’s official residence on Saturday, which will be accompanied by the Havdalah prayer that marks the end of Shabbat.

“We are operating with partners and other organizations working towards religious freedom in Israel,” stated Executive Director of the Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism (IMPJ) Gilad Kariv. “We feel that the vast majority of Israelis from all corners of the political spectrum oppose the government’s decisions on this issue and do not understand why compromise and peace can’t be reached.”


Kariv Photo credit: Channel 2 News

“Unfortunately, the government is driving all of us,” Kariv warned. “To the regrettable and shameful moment in which rabbis, Jewish educators and community members will stand with protest signs in front of the Israeli embassies around the world.”

He added that there is no place for the new Conversion Law in Israel and asked the government to honor its commitment regarding the plan for the Western Wall.