Despite Regev’s criticism, a Facebook page run by the Israeli Foreign Ministry has praised and promoted the movie. Regev was sharply criticized by the movie’s lead actor for condemning it without having seen it.

Photo credit: Channel 2 News

Israel’s outspoken Culture Minister Miri Regev has recently condemned the critically acclaimed Israeli movie Foxtrot, claiming it depicts IDF soldiers in a negative light. But as it turns out, the very same movie is being praised and promoted on a Facebook page run by the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

The page, called Culture Buzz, has uploaded a post congratulating the creators of the movie for its acceptance into the Telluride Film Festival, describing it as “superb and important.”
Earlier this week, Israeli actor Lior Ashkenazi, who stars in the movie, sharply criticized Regev for slamming the movie without having seen it. In response, Regev accused him of mocking and patronizing her.

The movie, which received widespread acclaimed at the Venice Film Festival, is about a father who fears for the safety of his son, who serves as an IDF soldier. It includes a tense scene that takes place at a military checkpoint.
“The fact that Foxtrot was chosen to represent Israel is disgraceful,” Regev said, despite not having seen the movie but only having heard about parts of it from ministry officials.