Due to pressure from Israeli Culture Minister Miri Regev, Israel’s ambassador to France will not attend the opening ceremony of an Israeli film festival in Paris due to a screening of the controversial Israeli drama “Foxtrot.”

Miri Regev

Miri Regev Photo Credit: Alex Kolomisky/Flash90

Israel’s ambassador to France will not attend an Israeli film festival in Paris that will screen the 2017 Israeli movie “Foxtrot” after pressure from Culture Minister Miri Regev. The critically-acclaimed but controversial Israeli drama centers on grieving parents whose son, an IDF soldier, fell in the line of duty.

Regev expressed anger over the fact that the film would be opening the Israeli film festival, as she claimed it constitutes slander against Israel. “Israel will not support a festival that showcases films that slanders us around the world and contains false details about IDF soldiers and [Israeli] citizens,” the culture minister said in a statement.

The film depicts IDF soldiers covering up the shooting of four Palestinian youths. Regev has previously denounced the film, winner of the Grand Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival, saying that it cooperated with an anti-Israeli narrative. “It is regrettable that Israeli films criticizing the State of Israel, harming its name and that of IDF soldiers, are almost automatically embraced and sympathized by the world,” she said at the time.