Following a storm in the wake of a decision to remove military security personnel from peripheral Jewish communities within the green line, the Defense Minister decided to postpone implementing the decision by a month at the request of the Secretary General of the kibbutz movement.

Defense Minister Ya’alon

Defense Minister Ya’alon Photo Credit: Channel 2

In a conversation yesterday evening between the Secretary General of the Kibbutz Movement Eitan Broshi and Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, the Defense Minister responded to Broshi’s request and decided to reject implementing a military decision in about a month, to remove security from the Gaza vaccinity areas as well as from local Israeli communities near the borders with Egypt and Lebanon.

 In a telephone conversation between the two, Broshi said to Ya’alon that the military decision to remove protection will harm the security and moral of the residents, as well as worsening the financial burden of these peripheral Israeli communities.  During the conversation, the Defense Minister responded to the Secretary General of the Kibbutz Movement that he will postpone by a month the implementation of the decision, for the sake of exploring other possibilities regarding this issue, with the goal of finding a financial source and consensus on this sensitive issue.

 “I am of the opinion that civilian Israeli communities located next to the fence and given military security protection, are eligible for security arrangements with a base or military post.   The decision adversely affected security and will bring about the financial collapse in the Gaza vicinity areas as well as Israeli communities near the Lebanese border.”   Broshi noted to the minister, “I am convinced that as the state knew how to finance the protection of resident’s homes and educational institutions in the billions, the state can also find a way not to abandon the security near the fence and the gates of peripheral Israeli communities.”