In an exclusive interview with JerusalemOnline, an anonymous source related that Bashar Al Qwaik, a relative of Palestinian female suicide bomber Hanadi Jaradat, raped, committed assault and battery, committed sexual assaults, kidnapped, threatened to murder and committed anti-Semitic hate crimes in the US.

Relative of suicide bomber Hanadi Jaradat raped and committed anti-Semitic hate crimes in the US

Relative of suicide bomber Hanadi Jaradat raped and committed anti-Semitic hate crimes in the US Photo Credit: Youtube

In an exclusive interview with JerusalemOnline, an anonymous source related that Bashar Al Qwaik, a relative of Palestinian female suicide bomber Hanadi Jaradat and numerous other Palestinian terror leaders in the West Bank, raped a woman in the State of Maryland. The source provided WhatsApp documentation that claimed there are witnesses for the incident. In addition, the source stated that Al Qwaik committed numerous anti-Semitic hate crimes, assault and battery, threatened to murder, kidnapped and committed sexual assaults in the State of Virginia.  According to the source, “Bashar and the guy who did the Orlando shooting have the same characteristics.” The source claims that like the Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen, Bashar was obsessed with transgender people and prostitutes but at the same time, he holds the same radical Islamist beliefs that ISIS possesses. In addition, the source also claims that he is involved with drug smuggling and human trafficking.

In a recording that reached JerusalemOnline, Al Qwaik threatened to murder the Israeli soldier who killed his uncle that was a wanted terrorist: “I want to make the most gruesome killing video on earth when I capture the man who killed my uncle. I will chop him with a chainsaw.” In a separate recording, Al Qwaik stated: “I want to kill that Jew you love. You hate Palestinians and always stand for Israelis. You love the Jew more than me. You are a backstabber.” In addition, he is recorded stating on WhatsApp: “You are a cheap Jew. You are an American pig. You are a Jew and a crusader and a super swine for that. Anyways, hide you cheap fuck. Fuck you cheap Jew.”

In the documentation, Al Qwaik is also recorded confessing to harassing American girls, almost killing someone, kidnapping and making the following threat to one of his partners after she broke up with him and allegedly decided to pursue another guy due to her partner’s abusive behavior: “I went to her house and didn’t let her leave and told the dude to fuck off. Otherwise, I would chop him into pieces ISIS-style.” He also tried to convince a relative to hack into her Facebook account and claimed that he wanted to commit suicide but before he did that, he wanted to “go down in style.”

“At first when I met him, he seemed normal,” the anonymous source told JerusalemOnline. “I did not know about his dark past. Then I started to notice that stuff that wasn’t right. He was obsessed with Jews. Everything was a Zionist conspiracy or how much he hates the West and worships Saddam Hussein. He told me how Hanadi blew herself up. He came over drunk, cursed me out and called me this and that. He would tell me about how he would sneak into the West Bank and the fights he would get into. I told him to stay away from me. When I told him to leave me alone; that is when the stalking came in.”

In one particular instance, Al Qwaik broke into the victims’ building without her consent and threatened to anally rape her with a beer bottle. As he became more abusive and violent, the victim turned on the camera so that he would calm down. The police came and removed Al Qwaik from the building but they refused to press charges against him. According to the source, the police were completely negligent and refused to take any action to protect the victim. The source claims that in the past, 75% of the sexual interactions between the victim and Al Qwaik could be defined as rape or at the very least sexual assault according to the laws in the State of Virginia. Nevertheless, the source emphasized that this did not prompt the Police to take any sort of action against Al Qwaik even though video documentation exists of Al Qwaik beating the victim in the background. According to the source, the victims’ life has been ruined because of these violent incidents alongside the fact that the victim received a sexually transmitted disease from Al Qwaik that has cost the victim over $30,000. The source noted that since the police refused to act on the matter, the victim is forced to pay the bill herself.

Al Qwaik is part of the Jaradat family clan, which has over 200 family members sitting in Israeli prisons for security crimes. Numerous terrorists are part of this family clan. Aside from Hanadi Jaradat, who murdered 21 people and injured 51 others after she decided to blow herself up in the Maxim Restaurant in Haifa during the Second Intifada, Al Qwaik is also a relative of Salah Jaradat, a senior level member of the Islamic Jihad, Anas Jaradat, a senior level Islamic Jihad leader that is responsible for the death of some 100 people, Hamas terrorist Mohammed Abu Qwaik, Arif Jaradat, who was a 14-year-old Palestinian rioter and suicide bomber with down syndrome and numerous others.  According to the source, “When I say he is dangerous, he is dangerous.” Nevertheless, the source emphasized that without media exposure, the local police won’t act on the matter for in the US, rape victims and victims of hate crimes are practically abandoned.