Leader of ultra-Orthodox and religious Zionist Knesset parties issued a letter calling on the PM to put a stop to the Supreme Court’s ruling to allow Tel Aviv businesses to remain open on Shabbat.

Photo credit: Matan Hetzroni/Channel 2 News

Following a Supreme Court decision to allow businesses in Tel Aviv to remain open on Shabbat, ultra-Orthodox and religious Zionist Knesset party leaders have issued a joint letter calling on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to prevent it from taking effect.

The signees of the letter, including HaBayit Hayehudi chairman Naftali Bennett, Shas chairman Aryeh Deri and UTJ chairman Yaakov Litzman, urged Netanyahu to convene a special coalition meeting aimed at “protecting the sanctity of Shabbat in Israel.”

“This decision is a blunt violation of the status quo,” they wrote. “We have no intention to stand aside while the Shabbat is being desecrated.”