Shmuel Bristovsky
Shmuel Bristovsky

Recently, a 72-year-old man named Shmuel Bristovsky died after a long struggle with a serious illness. 

Shmuel was an Orthodox Jew who lived in Tel Aviv, not far from the local Ichilov hospital. It is rare to see Orthodox Jews in that area of the city, but Shmuel remained there through the years to fulfill a mission he considered to be his purpose in life. 

Over the years he helped about 40,000 people who had family members hospitalized at Ichilov Hospital. With his apartment in front of the hospital, Shmuel offered those who attended the patients a place to call home. He provided his home a place to sleep, shower, eat and good company.

All without charging anything.

The people who were in Ichilov recount that many times he spent Fridays in the hospital looking for people to invite to his apartment to spend Shabbat. He even bought the adjoining apartment to accommodate even more people.

In numerous Facebook posts, hundreds of people who received Shmuel’s help tell about their experiences: 

“My father was hospitalized in Ichilov for 4 months to treat his cancer. My family is from the north of the country and my mother and I slept at his house constantly. It’s amazing how tidy and clean the house looked, and the stay ‘included’ sheets and towels. Just a kind man who you don’t see often.” says one post.

”Once a relative of mine did not want to leave his sick mother alone on Shabbat. Shmuel brought a folding bed for us, and when we had no use for it he even came to pick it up so as not to bother us with the hassle.” says another post.

Another post: “He was a unique man. I remember wondering many times how a person gives everything to people he doesn’t even know for free! But to him, it was simple and something I took for granted. He was always concerned that people have a respite from the madness of a hospital.” says another.

This silent angel gave to the world all of his heart to those in need. May his memory be blessed.