“Most of the severe cases of Corona patients suffer from blood pressure or diabetes, which are nutritional diseases. In Israel, 10,000 people die each year from poor nutrition and obesity, and yet 20% of the population suffer from food insecurity,” the President of the Israeli Forum for Sustainable Nutrition, Dr. Dorit Adler, informed the Internal Affairs and Environment Committee.

The Committee, chaired by MK Miki Haimovich (Blue and White), discussed on Thursay the ‘Change of Direction 2020’ plan – objectives in the Israeli policy for tackling climate change. The discussion was held as part of the marking of Environment Day at the Knesset, which was initiated by MK Haimovich.

“The world is experiencing a global trauma of a health, social and economic crisis, but the big crisis is on the way. That’s why I invited representatives of the ‘Change of Direction’ plan to introduce the plan to the Committee. The plan details the change of direction in five key areas – energy, transportation, attitude towards natural systems, agriculture and nutrition, and urban planning. Later, we will devote a discussion here for each area,” said Haimovich.

Dr. Adler said that a council of experts must be set up, adding that “food security cannot happen without [government] supported agriculture. At the climate summit in Madrid, farmers were referred to as climate fighters. The moment farmers stop cultivation, importers will collect very expensive prices. The significance is existential, like security.”