The IDF early Wednesday carried out aerial strikes on posts belonging to Hezbollah along the Lebanese border, in response to an attack on Israeli army positions the night before. A few hours later the State Control Committee convened to discuss the State Comptroller’s report on the readiness of the home front for rocket and missile attacks.

The report found that millions of Israeli citizens still do not have the means for basic protection near their homes, and plans for population evacuations have yet to be completed. The report, which examined corrections to the deficiencies in the 2016 State Comptroller report, found that several issues still remain, with “particularly critical flaws found in towns along the northern border.”

According to the report, some 21,000 mortars and rockets have been fired toward Israel from September 2000 until September 2019, and tens of thousands of missiles and rockets are expected to be launched in any coming war.

But despite the dire assessment, the report found that and 2,494 of 12,601 public bomb shelters (20%) have been found to be inadequate.

Some public and shared private shelters in communities along the border are expected to be overcrowded during times of emergencies, which “may not allow for prolonged stays in them,” the report said.