Following a disturbing report that suggests 25% of Israeli children suffer from overweight, Health Israel’s Health has  Ministry decided to implement a new health program in kindergartens.

The Israeli Health Ministry has launched an initiative to raise awareness among kindergartens. It recommends throwing healthier birthday parties in the classrooms, in which healthy food and physical activities will replace candy and sweet beverages.

The program was initiated after the database shown to the ministry suggested that over 25% of the children in Israel suffer from overweight or obesity that stem from bad nutrition. The Education Ministry stated that the purpose of the program is to help children adapt to healthier eating habits.

Nonetheless, the Education Ministry stressed that candy at birthday parties will not be banned. The purpose is to maintain a healthier balance for the children. “The kindergarten staff plays an important part in promoting healthy eating habits for children,” Irit Livne, the Education Ministry’s health supervisor stated.

The Education Ministry’s recommends the following for Kindergartens.

– Placing the child at the center of the birthday party instead of the food

– Balancing different types of food

– Serving children water instead of sweet beverages

– Replacing candy with fruit