The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported the death of up to 50 civilians in bombarded eastern Ghouta on Wednesday. Meanwhile, an aid convey of 25 trucks is entering the region in an attempt to provide relief to the ever-deteriorating crisis zone.

Douma in eastern Ghouta (archive)

Douma in eastern Ghouta (archive) Photo Credit: EPA-EFE

About 50 civilians were reportedly killed on Wednesday in besieged eastern-Ghouta, one of the last rebel-held enclaves in war-torn Syria. The region has been under severe bombardment for the past several weeks.

Over 1,200 civilians were killed in the region over the last three weeks, reported the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, among them 252 children. 64 civilians were reportedly killed in the last 48 hours. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said on Thursday that an aid convoy of 25 trucks was entering the area.“This is just a little of what these families need,” said the ICRC.

Earlier this month, an aid convoy attempting to enter the besieged area was forced to backtrack without unloading all of its supplies due to heavy shelling. In addition, Syrian Army launched a new offensive in eastern Ghouta, as part of which it sealed off two large towns in the region. Doing so, the Syrian troops effectively split the rebel-held region into three parts, leaving them isolated and vulnerable.