Today, ISIS claimed responsibility for 2 deadly terror attacks in Iraq’s southern city of Nasiriyah. At least 50 people were murdered and more than 80 people were injured.

Explosion in Iraq, archive

Explosion in Iraq, archive Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 news

Today (Thursday), at least 50 people were murdered in coordinated terror attacks in Iraq. The first was a suicide bombing in Iraq’s southern city of Nasiriyah. According to local police, a suicide bomber blew up in a roadside restaurant, after which 3 armed suspects opened fire.

The second terror attack occurred when a car exploded at a security checkpoint nearby. Shortly after, ISIS claimed responsibility for the terror attacks. The director of the city’s medical center stated that 50 casualties were evacuated to the local hospital as well as more than 80 victims with different levels of injuries. According to the director, the number of casualties will increase.

Although ISIS continues to lose territory in its battles with the Iraqi military, Assad’s military and Hezbollah, it’s strategic terror attacks aren’t stopping.