American officials in the security establishment reported that Assad’s military decided to take extra precautions and transferred almost all of their air force planes to a Russian base in the country, which is protected by an advanced anti-aircraft system.

Photo Credit: RIA Novosty/Channel 2 News

Assad’s military has secretly transferred most of the planes in their air force, American officials told CNN. According to the sources, the planes were transferred in order to protect them from another American attack and to deter the US from attacking the Syrian regime.

The sources noted that the planes were transferred earlier this month, shortly after an American attack on an air force base from which the planes that implemented the Idlib chemical attack took off.

The sources claimed that almost all of the planes in the Syrian Air Force were taken to a base in Latakia, which is one of the two main Russian military bases in the country. According to the report, this base was chosen due to the deployment of S-400 batteries, a Russian anti-aircraft system.  

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