According to a recent study, Canadain Jews suffers the most from violent incidents and hate crimes than any other minority in the country. They went from 1.752 in 2017 to 2.041 last year.

Harassment proves to be the most prevalent form of discrimination against Jewish communities in Canada. In 2018, there were 1809 cases of harassment out of 2041 listed.

Within a week of each other, two high profile antisemitic attacks have taken place.

This past Saturday, two Jewish boys were attacked near the Jewish community in the Greater Toronto Area.

The incident occurred on Saturday afternoon when two boys, wearing Kippot, were walking near the Garnet A. Williams community center in Thornhill, north of Toronto.

Another youth approached the two boys and began to insult them. As the Jewish boys tried to leave, the young man hit one of the Jewish boys in the face and started chasing after them, until a passerby took notice.

One of the victims then went to the emergency room for treatment.

The two Jewish boys were not able to record the incident, because it took place on the Sabbath when observant Jews do not carry electronic devices such as mobile phones.

This incident came mere days after a man wearing a kippah was assaulted by a taxi driver in Montreal.  The cab driver was blocking a garage door of a condominium building in the Saint-Laurent borough of Montreal.

A nearby driver honked to indicate that he had to move away from the door. The taxi driver looked oui to see who was honking and noticed that the driver was wearing kippa. He then went into a tirade of how he was going to kill him.

“I will not move for any f **** of Jew!,” he said

The victim then attempted to a picture of the taxi’s license plate to file a complaint. When the taxi driver saw this he got out and threw the Jewish drivers phone on the ground, and began to beat him while shouting anti-Semitic insults.

The victim was taken to a local hospital.