As the US-imposed deadline for revising the nuclear deal approaches, an Iranian lawmaker said that small nuclear reactors may be built in Iran by China. The two countries are reportedly in talks about the construction of the civilian nuclear power plants.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani Photo Credit: EPA-EFE

China may build several nuclear power plants for civilian use in Iran, an Iranian lawmaker revealed on Sunday.

“Some negotiations have been held on mutual cooperation and building small nuclear power plants in Iran by China,” Mojtaba Zonnou explained, according to the Fars news agency. Zonnou added that the talks were held recently in China during a conference attended by several Iranian lawmakers.

“The Chinese welcomed the proposal and it was decided that the issue be pursued at other (higher) levels,” he added. Zonnou is also the chairman of the Iranian parliament’s Nuclear Committee.

The announcement comes as US President Donald Trump’s deadline for revising the nuclear deal approaches. In January, Trump said that the deal’s “terrible flaws” need to be fixed by the May 12 deadline or he would refuse to extend the American sanction relief.