Despite the reconciliation talks, Hamas has reportedly declined to give up its weapons and vowed to continue terrorist activity against Israel also from the West Bank.

Hamas in Gaza

Hamas in Gaza Photo Credit: Hamas twitter account/Channel 2 News

Hamas has declared that it will continue to expand its activities against Israel to the West Bank and that it refuses to stop carrying out attacks. The announcement comes amid the current reconciliation talks between the terror organization and Fatah, which Egypt is mediating.

As part of the agreements between the organizations, Hamas handed over the control of the Gaza border crossings to the Palestinian Authority and is expected to continue the expansion of the PA’s control in Gaza until December 1

According to reports, Fatah has requested that Hamas neutralize its arms, but this request has been met with resistance. Hamas member Khalil al-Hayya told reporters on Monday that the organization’s weapons arsenal is not up for debate and that Hamas intends to move it into the West Bank and continue its actions against Israel from there.