According to several media sources in Syria, the Israeli Air Force attacked an ammunition warehouse near a Damascus airport during the night. Israel has yet to provide an official response.

Watch: Footage from Syria of aerial defense system responding to alleged Israeli strike

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Syrian media outlets reported Friday that the Israeli Air Force had carried out a strike overnight targeting an ammunition facility near Damascus.

Some sources also published pictures and videos claiming to show the exact moment of the alleged Israeli strike. It was also reported that the area was engulfed by heavy smoke and that there were no Syrian casualties.

Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

If these reports are true, the strike may have been Israel’s response to the unmanned drone from Syria that tried to infiltrate Israeli territory earlier this week. The aircraft, which was intercepted by a Patriot missile, was reportedly built in Iran and operated by Hezbollah in order to collect intelligence above the Golan Heights.

The IDF stated after the incident, “The IAF’s air defense troops have intercepted an unmanned drone which seemed to belong to Hezbollah. We will continue to respond forcefully to any such attempt in the future.”