Hours after rockets from the Sinai landed in Eilat, Palestinians in Gaza reported that the IDF attacked the coastal strip near the Egyptian border. According to the report, 2 Palestinians were killed and 5 others were injured. The IDF denies the report.

Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The Gazan Health Ministry reported that 2 Palestinians were killed and 5 others were wounded during an Israeli attack upon Southern Gaza.  According to the report, the attack was implemented in response to the rocket fire upon Eilat last night and took place around 1:30am.  The IDF denies the report and claims that they did not implement any attack upon Gaza.

After Eilat suffered a rocket attack last night, the city is trying to return to its normal routine. Schools will be open like usual and no special instructions were given to the residents. However, the IDF instructed that an Iron Dome battery will remain in Eilat in case there is additional rocket fire.

Eilat’s Mayor Meir Yitzhak Ha-Levi stated: “Eilat’s residents have once again proven their strength and maturity, and returned to their routine lives quickly. This is our way to deal with those who want to harm us and to disrupt our routine. Hats off to the IDF, Israel Police and especially the IDF soldiers manning the Iron Dome batteries for their outstanding quality of operational work.”