Iranian special services have established the identity of a person who was involved in the sabotage attack at the Natanz nuclear facility, an unnamed official from the intelligence ministry told locally based Nour News on Monday.

The identity of the person who disrupted the operation of the power grid at Natanz, as a result of which the electricity supply to a hall was interrupted, has been established, Nour News reported, citing the official. However, the suspect has not been caught yet.

On April 11, an explosion occurred at a uranium enrichment plant in Natanz, in Isfahan province in central Iran. The regime immediately called the accident an “act of nuclear terrorism”.

Israeli media earlier suggested that the incident was not an “accident” but the result of a cyberattack, possibly plotted by Israel. The outlet did not reveal its sources, but Natanz in the past had already fallen victim to a hacker attack via the Stuxnet virus.

Multiple media outlets, including the New York Times, also quoted unnamed intelligence sources as suggesting that the country’s Mossad spy agency held a successful sabotage operation at the Iranian nuclear site, potentially setting back enrichment work thereby months.

Israel has not commented on the incident so far.