Syrian media outlets claimed that Israel targeted a military base of President Bashar al-Assad’s forces northeast of Damascus early Tuesday morning. Syrian military officials were cited as saying that aerial defense forces fired at the sources of the missiles, which were allegedly fired from Lebanon’s airspace, the Golan Heights and Tiberias.

Illustration - IAF F-15 fighter jets

Illustration – IAF F-15 fighter jets Photo Credit: IAF website

Israel reportedly attacked a Syrian military base of President Bashar al-Assad’s forces early Tuesday morning, according to news outlets affiliated with the regime. The base that was allegedly targeted is situated in al-Qutayfah, northeast of Damascus. Israel has not commented on the allegations.

According to the reports, Israel conducted three attacks and Syrian aerial defense forces fired at the sources of the missiles. The first attack began at 2:40 AM when a fighter jet reportedly launched missiles from Lebanon’s airspace towards al-Qutayfah. The second was at 3:40 AM and involved surface-to-surface missiles that were launched from the Golan Heights. The third alleged attack was at 4:15 AM and involved four missiles fired from the area of Tiberias in Israel.

Syrian outlets reported that the military successfully downed several of the missiles. Meanwhile, Syrian rebel news outlets said that the targeted site was a base used to store long-range missiles.

Last month, foreign media outlets reported that Israel attacked the Jamarya military complex on the outskirts of Damascus. “The air defense forces were confronted by an Israeli missile attack,” Syria’s official SANA news agency reported at the time. “The target was a military base in the Damascus suburbs.” Shortly after the reports of the alleged Israeli attack surfaced, Syrian media outlets affiliated with the government reported that additional sounds of explosions were heard west of Damascus.