Arab media outlets reported Saturday morning that Israeli warplanes attacked an Iranian base near Syria’s capital. According to the reports, Syria fired anti-aircraft missiles and intercepted two of the projectiles.

Iranian base in Syria

Iranian base in Syria Photo Credit: Airbus/McKenzie Intelligence Services/Channel 2 News

Israeli warplanes attacked an Iranian military base near the Syrian city of ​​Al-Kiswah early Saturday morning, according to Sky News Arabia and other Arab media outlets. The construction of the base, which was the target of the airstrike, began last year and had accelerated in recent months.

According to the reports, the Israeli fighter jets fired from Lebanese airspace and the Syrian defense systems responded by firing anti-aircraft missiles. It was also reported that the Syrian missiles were fired from Damascus’ Mezzeh base and that the Israeli aircraft were flying at a low altitude above the Lebanese city of Baalbek. Media outlets affiliated with the Syrian regime confirmed that several missiles were fired at the Iranian base, which was apparently used for storing ammunition.

After the alleged Israeli attack

After the alleged Israeli attack Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Syrian state television reported this morning that “the Israeli enemy fired at 12:30 AM a number of ground-to-ground missiles at the military bases in the suburbs of Damascus.” In addition, Syria is claiming that its defense systems intercepted two missiles that were fired.

The alleged Israeli attack came a few weeks after an intelligence source told the BBC that Iran is establishing a permanent military base in Syria. The source claimed that the construction has significantly progressed, which may be a result of recent gains made by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s army.

The source told the BBC that over 20 low-rise buildings were constructed and are likely purposed for housing soldiers and vehicles. However, the exact purpose of the site could not be entirely verified. The compound is reportedly located 14 km (about 8 miles) south of Damascus and only 50 km (about 31 miles) from the Israeli Golan Heights border.