Salman Abedi, who killed 22 people in Monday’s suicide bombing attack in Manchester, reportedly called his mother about 15 minutes before blowing himself up and asked for her forgiveness.

Photo credit: CNN/The Sun/Channel 2 News

Just hours before blowing himself up in Manchester on Monday, Salman Abedi called his mother and asked for her forgiveness, a Libyan source has told AP.

The investigation into the attack, according to CNN, indicates that Abedi, who killed 22 people and injured dozens of others at the end of an Ariana Grande concert, had gone through ISIS training in Syria in the months prior to the attack.

US authorities believe some of Abedi’s family members may have assisted him. His sister told the Wall Street Journal on Thursday that he had seen “Muslim children dying everywhere” and wanted revenge. “Whether or not he got that is between him and God,” she said.