According to sources speaking to Hadashot News, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was caught lying during previous police questionings in cases 1000 and 2000. In addition, a source claimed that evidence against Netanyahu in the Bezeq Case was “concrete” and “solid.”

Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu Photo Credit: Hillel Maeir/TPS

A source involved in the corruption probes against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the prime minister was caught telling a series of lies during previous police probes into cases 1000 and 2000. In addition, another source in Israeli law enforcement claimed evidence against Netanyahu was “concrete” and “solid.”

Speaking to Guy Peleg of Israel’s Hadashot News, the source explained that Friday’s questioning led to new developments in Case 1000, Case 2000 as well as the more recent Case 4000, known as the Bezeq Case. During the questioning, Netanyahu and his wife Sara were reportedly confronted with recordings given to investigators by Walla! News ECO Ilan Yeshua. These recordings had reportedly ultimately convinced Shlomo Filber, Netanyahu’s former aide, to sign a deal with the State Attorney’s Office to testify against his former boss.

Case 4000 centers on allegations that Netanyahu helped Bezeq’s chief shareholder, Shaul Elovitch, pay off his large debt by promoting regulatory benefits to his businesses in exchange for favorable coverage of Netanyahu on Walla! News. In a recorded statement after his questioning on Friday, Netanyahu claimed he was confident the suspicions against him would amount to nothing.