Next month, the Israeli Defense Ministry will present an unprecedented 3.3-billion-shekel defense plan that will include, among other things, protection of Israeli settlements.

Lieberman with plan to protect settlements

Lieberman with plan to protect settlements Photo credit: Moshe Milner/ GPO/ Channel 2 News

Next month, Israeli Defense Ministry Director General Udi Adam will present an unprecedented plan that that the ministry has been working on for months.

The plan will need an approximate budget of 3.3 billion shekels (940 million dollars) and will be spread over several years. According to Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, it will be brought before the budgetary hearings at the beginning of next year with a request to reallocate part of the budget given to the ministries of communications, housing and transportation.

These are the plan’s main components:

  1. Road safety plan: Cameras at intersections and special technology to thwart terrorist attacks on the roads as well as provide lighting on dark roads.
  1. Cellular reception: The placement of antennas along entire roads that are currently without reception, a problem that can be very dangerous in the event of a terror attack or in general.
  1. A series of new roads and routes that bypass Palestinian towns and villages.
  1. Budget for the protection of new buses and public transportation vehicles.
  1. A Special security area that will envelope and protect settlements with smart fences, cameras, and sensors to locate and thwart the infiltration of terrorists. As of today, only 20 out of the 120 settlements are entitled to this protection, which costs 10 million shekels per settlement.