Due to a manpower problem in the Israel Police, it is likely that many medical cannabis patients will not receive their treatment in the near future.


Illustration Photo credit: Hadas Parush/ Flash 90/ Channel 2 News

Over the last several years, medical marijuana has become one of the most significant tools in medicine for pain relief, although 30 thousand Israeli patients could suffer from a severe shortage in the upcoming future.

Medical cannabis farmers explained that every new employee must be approved by the police before employment. The problem is that the Israel Police has a manpower problem and in practice, there aren’t enough police officers to deal with the matter. Therefore, there is a shortage of approximately 70 farmers.

Yesterday, the heads of the farms asked the Labor, Welfare and Health Committee in the Knesset for assistance in the matter. “In case we don’t receive the permits as soon as possible,” they warned. “There is a real concern in the supply of medical cannabis for patients.”