Today, a Knesset committee met to discuss the threat of drones. According to an Israel Prison Service official, a large number of drone-related smuggling attempts into prisons were recorded this year.


Illustration Photo Credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

Today (Tuesday), during a meeting regarding the threat of drones at the Knesset, a representative of the Israel Prison Service (IPS) stated that since the beginning of the year, 40 incidents of drone-related smuggling attempts into prisons were recorded.

In one of the cases, a drone entered Rimonim Prison with suspected drugs, weapons and other prohibited items. Almost every prison facility in the country was visited by an unauthorized drone. “It’s needless to say what will happen if such a drone reaches the hands of security prisoners,” stated the IPS official. “It’s a significant threat for us. Legally, we can’t neutralize drones…Even when we identify them, we can’t do anything about it.”

During the meeting, it was stated that the Civil Aviation Authority is considering the adoption of American regulations- every device that weighs above 300 grams will be required to register in an online database and its owner will be required to pass a flight test.

As reported by JOL earlier this month, Israel’s State Comptroller published a report that criticizes the country’s readiness for the threat of drones: “Terrorists or criminals may take advantage of this situation.”