A report issued by the psychological service in the Binyamin region shows some teenagers who were evacuated from Amona were kicked out of school for using alcohol and drugs.

Photo credit: Channel 2 News

Eight months after the evacuation of Amona, a West Bank outpost deemed illegal by the Israeli Supreme Court, a psychological report shows that teenagers who went through the evacuation are suffering from anxiety and post-traumatic symptoms.

According to the report, issued by the psychological service in the Binyamin region, some of the teenagers have dropped out or been expelled from school, while others have started to use drugs and alcohol.

These teens, the report says, “suffered from a severe identity crisis which was demonstrated in problematic behavior.”

“Among grown-ups, some were fired from their jobs and one was suspected to have suicidal thoughts,” the report adds.

This report is expected to be brought up during a meeting of the Civil Administration on Thursday regarding plans to build a new settlement for the evacuees.

At least 50% of the Amona evacuees were prepared for the evacuation and had begun looking for new homes in advance. Some families, those referred to in the report, chose to oppose the evacuation and did not look for new places to live. Since the evacuation, they’ve been staying in a school in the nearby settlement of Ofra under tough living conditions.