A US official was quoted by CNN as saying Trump will likely announce tonight that he has chosen not to renew a waiver of sanctions on Iran.

Photo credit: Flickr

As the entire world awaits US President Donald Trump’s announcement on the Iranian nuclear deal, CNN has reported that Trump is expected not to renew a waiver of sanctions against Iran, a major step toward pulling out of the deal altogether.

The report, which cited a US official and another source, added that the sanctions could take months to go into effect and that Trump is also expected to allow for a grace period, which would enable further negotiations on how to fix the deal.

A senior commander in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps said Iran is fully prepared for any decision Trump may announce. “Our nations does not fear American sanctions or a military attack,” he said. “Our enemies – the Americans, the Zionists and their allies in the region – need to know Iran is ready for the worst possible scenarios.”

Following UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson’s visit to Washington earlier this week, during which he warned Trump about the implications of withdrawing from the deal, a senior British diplomat said on Tuesday the UK is “deeply pessimistic” ahead of Trump’s announcement.

“We will need to wait to understand what the US plan is to deliver on our shared goal of preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon and addressing their regional behavior,” the official added.