While the decision on whether or not to move the US embassy to Jerusalem is still being debated, the US is reportedly already setting the ground for a possible move.

The US embassy building in Tel Aviv

The US embassy building in Tel Aviv Photo credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The US has already prepared a blueprint for a new embassy building in Jerusalem, according to an exclusive Channel 2 News report.

Though US President Donald Trump is reportedly still debating the embassy relocation, which was one of his major campaign promises to Israelis and diaspora Jewry, the building plan for the new embassy has already been outlined.

A few weeks ago, an American architect sent by the Trump administration arrived in Jerusalem in order to examine the building to which the new embassy would move.

The building, which currently functions as a hotel, would go through a series of adjustments if the plan is carried out. These would include adding shelters, emergency exits, safe rooms and other security measures.