After landing this morning in Saudi Arabia for the first leg of his international diplomacy tour, US President Donald Trump, according to diplomatic sources, will present his plan for peace in the Middle East while on tour. According to the sources, the plan will include direct negotiations within a year’s timeframe and no settlement freeze.

Trump greeted by the royal Saudi family

Trump greeted by the royal Saudi family Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Al-Hayat News revealed today (Saturday) that according to diplomatic sources, US President Donald Trump intends to present his Middle East peace initiative during his international tour. As part of the initiative, the president will propose direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians with a 12-16 month timeframe and no settlement freeze.

According to the sources, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas told Trump during their meeting in Washington DC that he would cooperate with the initiative proposing direct negotiations on a “new basis” and limited in time. Furthermore, Trump reportedly did not fully outline the new plans for negotiation but stressed that the old method did not work and therefore a new method with American mediation is needed.

As reported earlier by JOL, amid escalating political problems back in the US, Trump landed this morning with his wife Melania and the two were welcomed by the King of Saudi Arabia on the red carpet at the Riyadh airport. From there, Trump went on to attend a series of meetings with senior officials in the Saudi capital.

Trump expressed his gratitude for the pleasant welcome in Saudi Arabia via Twitter: