A news website in Lebanon reports that in the attack at the Lebanese-Syrian border, which has been attributed to Israel, killed Hezbollah commander Haji Hassan Mansur, known as Abu Hitam, one of the terror guides in the organization. Hezbollah remains silent and has yet to respond to the reports.

Haji Hassan Mansur, Hezbollah commander.

Haji Hassan Mansur, Hezbollah commander. Photo Credit: Channel 2

Just hours after reports regarding an Israeli attack on targets at the Lebanese-Syrian border, in which Hezbollah operatives were killed, a Lebanese news website reports that among the dead are Haji Hassan Mansur, also known as Abu Hitam, a Hezbollah commander that acted as a guide for new members of the Shi’ite organization. Meanwhile, Hezbollah has yet to respond to the reports and maintains silence.

According to reports out of Lebanon, Mansur’s funeral will be held today in his village in the region of Nabatieh. Reports regarding last night’s (Monday’s) attacks remain contradictory and it is still unclear if they look place on Lebanese or Syrian territory. A Lebanese security source reported to the French news agency AFP that Israel is responsible for the attack on the area known to be a Hezbollah stronghold.

However, the ‘Al Manar’ television station owned and operated by Hezbollah has denied the reports that an attack was carried out in Lebanon. They did mention that there was a sense of a “clear presence of enemy planes”.

According to an anonymous source in Lebanon, the area where the attacks were carried out is widely recognized as a Hezbollah stronghold, in which the organization drafts and trains its new recruits. In addition, the Jenta area is known as the center of weapons smuggling between Hezbollah and Syria.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu avoided directly addressing the attacks, but stated in a press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel that “Israel does what it takes in order to protect her citizens”.