Israelis living near Gaza say the government hasn’t been able to find a solution to the newest form of terrorism.

A Palestinian protester in Gaza flying a flammable kite

A Palestinian protester in Gaza flying a flammable kite Photo credit: Abed Rahim Khatib, Flash 90

Days after a massive flare-up of violence, the Israel-Gaza border is currently in a state of tense quiet, with terrorist groups Hamas and the Islamic Jihad appearing to have put down their missiles, or whatever is left of them. However, flaming kites, the newest form of cheap terrorism, continue still to be flown freely into Israel and cause dangerous fires.

Since Thursday morning, fires were caused by such kites in three locations in southern Israel – Be’eri Forest, Kissufim Forest and Kibbutz Ein HaShlosha. In Be’eri, dozens of acres of crops went up in flames. In Ein HaShlosha, electricity infrastructure was damaged.

Israelis living in towns near the Gaza Strip have been begging the government to tackle the issue for a month now. Last week, the IDF began using drones with sharp knives to cut down flaming kites, but that, locals say, just isn’t enough.

“There are still fires every day. It’s exhausting and it causes terrible damage,” said a security officer who lives near the border. “We expect security forces to put an end to this phenomenon.”