Jordan Peterson, a Canadian professor who has gained online fame among young conservatives, said recently that he believes Jewish people are over-represented in power positions due to their higher-than-average IQ, drawing anger and disappointment from his fans for dismissing the notion of a Jewish conspiracy theory.

Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson Photo credit: Wikipedia

Jordan Peterson, a well-known Canadian psychology professor and an outspoken conservative figure, says Jewish people have a higher IQ than others.

Peterson, who is followed enthusiastically on social media by young, right-wing Americans – mostly white men – was recently asked by an audience member at one of his talks why he thinks Jews are “over-represented” in power positions. The person who asked the question seemed to imply that Jews are involved in a worldwide conspiracy theory.

Peterson carefully dodged the question, but a few days later he published an essay on his website addressing the issue. “Jews are genuinely over-represented in positions of authority, competence and influence,” he argued. He then went on to criticize far-right individuals for using identity politics as an excuse for their hatred and blame toward Jews and other minorities.

“Is the fact that smart people are working hard for our mutual advancement really something to feel upset (about)?,” he asked. “It hardly needs to be said that although conspiracies do occasionally occur, conspiracy theories are the lowest form of intellectual enterprise.”

He then offered his own opinion as to why Jews are, in his view, over-represented: Ashkenazi Jews, he argued, have a “significantly higher-than-average IQ.”

His answer drew anger and disappointment from some of his loyal fans, who hoped he would embrace their notion of a conspiracy theory.

“Jordan Peterson is telling us there is no idea of Jewish power in America,” wrote a top-voted commenter. “That’s simply not true when we all know the world runs on money, and no one knows this better than the Jews. … The IQ theory Peterson is pushing actually proves the point that Jews are acting nepotistically.”