Amid renewed riots along the Gaza border on Monday afternoon, three unarmed Palestinians were detained by IDF forces after crossing the border from the Gaza Strip into Israel.

Israeli soldiers guarding the Gaza border

Israeli soldiers guarding the Gaza border Photo credit: Abed Rahim Khatib, Flash 90

Dozens of Palestinians rioted on the border between Israel and the northern Gaza Strip on Monday. The IDF used riot control measures to disperse them. Three unarmed Palestinians were detained after crossing the fence into Israeli territory.

Earlier, a Palestinian man died after being injured in Friday’s violent clashes near Khan Yunis. The Islamic Jihad terrorist group claimed that the man had been its member.

17 other Palestinian protesters were killed by IDF fire during Friday’s Hamas-led “March of Return.” The IDF Spokesperson said at least 10 of them had been terror activists. Hamas admitted that five of those killed had been members of its military wing.

On Sunday, the IDF beefed up security near the Gaza border by adding barbed-wire fences along the security fence, in preparation for further attempts to infiltrate into Israel.