A father’s Facebook post describing an attack on his daughter, an IDF soldier, in Jerusalem’s Haredi neighborhood Mea Shearim moved and outraged many Israelis – including Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, who responded to the father: “The feeling is difficult, but we cannot let the extremists from any sector dictate our path.”

“No soldier should suffer that humiliation.” Rivlin Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel, Flash 90 / Channel 2 News

In a post published on Facebook, an Israeli citizen named Alon explained that his daughter, an IDF soldier, was attacked during a tour to the Haredi neighborhood of Mea Shearim in Jerusalem. Two days later, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin responded to the Facebook post, condemning the incident but clarifying that it was not representative of the entire Haredi community.

“A woman in uniform marched into Mea Shearim neighborhood with a group of new immigrants to Israel and only narrowly escaped with the help of the police after eggs, water bottles, used disposable diapers and even a jerrycan of water were thrown at her,” the father wrote. “All because she was a woman in uniform. I hope that our president knows how we can bridge the gaps, the fading trust between the different tribes in our country.”

The father's Facebook post

The father’s Facebook post Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Today (Friday), Rivlin addressed the father’s statements as well as the personal message directed at the Israeli president. “I was sad to read about the despicable act committed against your daughter Tamar,” he stated. “No soldier in uniform should suffer the humiliation that your daughter suffered. No parent will receive a satisfying answer after hearing that the daughter he proudly sent to the army was the victim of such violence. But I still have belief and hope, because I know that these acts are the exception rather than the rule.”

“I believe because of people like your daughter, who serves in the IDF’s Education and Youth Corps and instills the right and proper values in her students,” Rivlin concluded his response. “I assume that the feeling is difficult, but we cannot let the extremists from any sector dictate our path and give a bad name to our entire society. I ask that both you and Tamar keep believing. Yours, Ruvi.”